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At Classic Aviation we are dedicated to helping you achieve your aviation goals as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Our goal is to help you become a very knowledgeable, skillful and safe pilot. Our approach to ab-initio pilot training is a little different from most other flying schools in that we follow the example of airline training methods and principles. Our founder and chief instructor is retired airline pilot with over 20000 hours flying experience in aircraft ranging from Cessna 150 to 4 engine jet transport BAE 146 and CRJ.

Most people in the industry would agree that the aeroplane is NOT the best classroom for learning; so our philosophy towards training is to ensure the student has a full understanding of Theory, Aircraft knowledge, Procedures and the “How to” before starting to fly the actual aircraft. This is accomplished by thorough ground briefings in the classroom, then by practice in our FTD (simulator) which is approved by Transport Canada and FAA. The student will learn and practice “flying” on the simulator until a high level of proficiency is achieved. The use of the simulator takes the apprehension and anxiety out of learning to fly and builds confidence and skills which are then directly transferred to flying the actual aircraft. When you start flying the aeroplane, you will already know “What” to do and “How” to do it. This is a tremendous confidence booster and ensures rapid progress towards your Licence or Rating. All of the flight training is conducted under Transport Canada guidelines and standards.

If you are serious about flight training, we invite you to call us now or visit us at Classic Aviation Ltd., and take that first step towards achieving your aviation goals. We are located at the Pitt Meadows Airport (CYPK) just outside Vancouver in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.