Training Programs

Training Program

At Classic Aviation we are dedicated to helping you achieve your aviation goals as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Pilot Licence

The basic PPL allows the pilot to fly a light single engine aircraft during daylight hours under the visual flight rules (VFR) and to carry passengers. The pilot may fly internationally.

Pilot Licence

You may work as a pilot and get paid for flying. You must fly under VFR rules until obtaining an instrument rating.

Instrument Rating

You can fly under the instrument flight rules (IFR), in a suitably equipped aircraft.

Instructor Rating

May instruct students for PPL, night rating and CPL training, under the supervision of a senior instructor holding at least a class 2 rating.

Simulator Training

We provide High End Stimulator Training for Graduates Entering Airline Industry.

GPS Training

We provide High End GPS Training for Graduates Entering Airline Industry.

Aviation Mentoring

We provide training and mentoring for those looking to enter the Airline Industry.


Start your Training in Beautifull B.C

  • Flight training from experienced industry professionals
  • Instrument rating renewals and PPC training experts
  • Personalized recurrency training with industry leaders
Female pilot in the cockpit of an airplane.