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Minimum Age: 17 yrs.

Medical: Category 3

Licence Privileges: The basic PPL allows the pilot to fly a light single engine aircraft during daylight hours under the visual flight rules (VFR) and to carry passengers. The pilot may fly internationally.

Transport Canada Licence Requirements:

  • 40 hours of ground school
  • 45 hours of flight training (5 hours may be approved simulator or flight training device)
  • Minimum 17 hours dual, 12 hours solo
  • 3 hours dual cross-country flying,
  • 5 hours solo cross-country flying (including 150nm trip with 2 intermediate stops) 5 hours instrument flying

Pass TC written exam (PPAER) now on computer.

Pass PPL flight test.

It is said that the best safety device in an aircraft is a well trained pilot. PPL training at Classic Aviation provides much more that TC minimum requirements.


Please call for further information, course for Commercial License will be updated soon


Licence Privileges: You may carry passengers on your aircraft during night hours under the visual flight rules (VFR).

Transport Canada Licence Requirements:

  • 10 hours of night flight time (5 hours dual including 2 hours cross-country
  • 5 hours solo night flight time including 10 take offs and landings
  • 10 hours of total instrument flying (this includes instrument flying during the PPL training, 5 hours may be on an approved simulator or FTD)

Transport Canada does not require a flight or written test for this rating


Minimum requirement is PPL

Licence Privileges: You can fly under the instrument flight rules (IFR), in a suitably equipped aircraft.

Transport Canada Licence Requirements:

  • 40 hours of instrument flight training (20 hours may be on approved simulator or FTD)
  • Included in the 40 hours, 100nm IFR cross-country flight with minimum 2 approaches


Pass written exam (INRAT)

Pass flight test

Instrument rating training may be combined with CPL training.


Please call for further information, course programs for Instructor Rating will be updated soon

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